Medium Voltage

Omaha Electric has been a leading electrical contractor for medium voltage work for over 25 years. Medium voltage distribution is a common practice for campuses and production facilities. Omaha Electric routinely performs new circuits, loop feeds, distribution equipment, emergency backup generation, emergency repairs, and testing for our customers over the years and has all the tools required in house to perform your medium voltage work at a moments notice. Omaha Electric is an expect in this area and knows how to make sure the end product is long lasting and, in an outage situation, will be able to minimize downtime for your facility.

Medium Voltage Experience


- Millard Airport - New taxiway and runway lighting

- Farington Field – Auburn NE – Construction of new airport and runway

- Eppley Airfield – New taxiway and runway lighting

- Eppley Airfield – New Primary Wind cone

- Lincoln Airport – Reconstruction of entire existing runway

- Plattsmouth – New taxiway and runway lighting

Boys Town

- Emergency replacement for a 5KV circuit that was lost.


- Numerous Medium Voltage projects for several companies on the Cargill campus.

Energy Systems

- Construction of the California Street Plant

Metropolitan Community College – Fort Omaha Campus

- Installation of new loop feed distribution for entire campus

- Relocation of existing loop feed for the new Culinary Arts Building

Nebraska Army National Guard – Camp Ashland

- Installation of new loop feed distribution for entire training camp

- Installation of new 1000KW Medium Voltage generator to power entire training camp

University of Nebraska Medical Center

- Construction of the East Utility Plant

- Installation of a new Medium Voltage Boiler

- Reconstruction of Central Utility Plant

Valmont Industries - Valley Nebraska Campus

- Numerous emergency repairs to existing 15KV power distribution - Installation of new 15KV power distribution loop with 8 new switches and removal of entire existing medium voltage distribution system after all 45 buildings were cut over to the new system.