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Omaha Electric is your source for start-to-finish electrical contracting in the Omaha, Nebraska area with full-service residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal electrical contracting capabilities. Another way we uphold our commitment to serving all of your electrical needs is through our design/build and building information modeling (BIM) services.

When you bring Omaha Electric in at the conception of your construction project, you gain our significant design and project management expertise, and we are able to use our skills to ensure a continuous flow of information between all parties involved with the project. This streamlined communication between the project owner, architects, general contractors, and subcontractors helps us achieve minimized project interruptions, reduced change orders, and enhanced project delivery.


With our expertise in BIM, CAD, and Revit, we produce precise, detailed 3D models of the structure being built, which allows us to pinpoint any electrical-related design issues that otherwise might not emerge until construction is underway. Identifying these problems before or during the early stages of construction gives us the ability to make effective design changes and alter construction plans to resolve issues without interrupting work at the build site. In many cases, we can make such design alterations without adding to the expected cost of the building project. Our powerful CAD and BIM software utilities and experienced on-staff technicians also enable us to help coordinate the flow of materials and labor associated with a building project more effectively.

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