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Nebraska City Traffic Signal - Aerial.JPG


At Omaha Electric, we have the experienced technicians, vehicles, and equipment needed to install and repair traffic lights, street lights, and other utilities, from underground all the way up to 120 feet in the air. We have completed many projects in the Omaha area, including the repair of traffic signals and overhead lines after storms and traffic accidents, the installation of street and sidewalk lighting, traffic light installation, telephone pole installation, and underground power and data cable installation and maintenance.

Vehicles and Equipment

For below-ground work, Omaha Electric has a full set of company-owned equipment, including trenchers, backhoes, digger derricks, vibratory plows, and skid loaders. For above-ground work, we have multiple boom trucks with up to 120 feet of vertical reach.

Job-site Safety and Cleanliness

Along with our diligent continuing safety education and training for all of our technicians, we require each of our journeymen and apprentices to have a 10-hour OSHA safety certificate and our management to have a 30-hour OSHA certificate . Our commitment to job-site safety is matched only by the pride we take in leaving all of our jobs sites looking better than when we arrived, especially with underground projects.

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