Sports Lighting

About the service:

Omaha Electric has performed lighting upgrades and brand new installations for sports lighting projects all over Greater Omaha Area. From single playing fields to multi-sport complexes, Omaha Electric has done it. LED sports lighting has definitely been a game changer for lighting performance and the capabilities have grown into lighting programs that can celebrate home field accomplishments or to just pump up the crowd.

Sports Lighting Project Experience:

CBCSD Thomas Jefferson High School Tennis Courts

  • Electrical service
  • Tennis court lighting

Gretna Crossing Ball Park Complex

  • 2 new concession stands
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Electrical service
  • Underground conduit system and sports lighting foundation installation for future sports lighting for 8 playing fields

Gretna High School Tennis Courts

  • Electrical Service
  • 6 courts with new sports lighting
  • General purpose receptacles around the courts

Lawson Park Ballfield

  • New concession stand
  • Sports lighting for 4 existing ballfields
  • New parking lot lighting

Omaha Blackburn High School Stadium Renovation

  • Concession stand renovation
  • New scoreboard
  • Re-feed existing field lighting
  • Construct new storage building
  • New PA System

Omaha South High School Stadium Renovation

  • Two new concession stands and locker rooms
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Scoreboard
  • Field lighting
  • Press box
  • Public address system

Skutt Catholic High School Softball Field Lighting

  • Added field lighting to existing softball field